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Winter 2011

The Kuppersmith Project is underway, and you can find articles, blogs, episode descriptions and videos about this exciting project on kuppersmithproject.com.

Moen Offers Tips On Digital Products That You Can "Set and Forget"

With lives constantly on the go, it's easy to be forgetful. But in today's connected world, there are a number of techno-gadgets that you can "set and forget" – allowing you to focus on life's important things.

For the Kuppersmith house, Moen brought innovative, easy-to-use digital indulgences into the master bathroom with ioDIGITAL®. This truly unique digital showering and bath system is like having your own personal digital 'butler.' You can program your vertical spa to deliver your personalized, precise temperature and flow; turn on your shower with a remote from across the room or while still in bed; or even top off your bath with warm water with the touch of a button. And the best part is that you can do all of this as easily as if you were programming a car radio.

One of the greatest advantages of ioDIGITAL technology is the ability to program preferred settings into memory. ioDIGITAL is "set and forget" technology at its finest, with up to four different presets that can be easily programmed within seconds. Every member of the family can have their own unique setting – from an invigorating morning shower to a relaxing evening escape, and even the perfect bedtime bath for the kids. With intuitive controls and simple operation, ioDIGITAL is as easy as it is innovative, and effortlessly transforms the bathroom into the most tech-savvy room in the house.

For more information, visit moen.com/iodigital.

Kuppersmith Uses New Cabinet and Countertop Integration Process

Remodeling your kitchen or bath can put a big crimp in your daily life. But thankfully there's a new option that can make the process go smoother and faster, choosing Merillat® and DeNova™ countertops.

Merillat's innovative smart storage solutions now extend beyond cabinetry with the addition of DeNova countertops. This partnership integrates the design, selection and installation of cabinets and countertops making the process of remodeling your kitchen or bath much more seamless.

Merillat and DeNova's smart integration starts with a state-of-the-art templating process, replacing the traditional paper, cardboard or plywood templating processes. The new process involves a highly accurate, laser-assisted measuring technology that allows the cabinets and countertop to fit flawlessly together — significantly reducing installation cycle time and assuring just the right fit.

The Merillat and DeNova templating process has two measuring options; the process used varies based upon the type and stage of a construction project. Whether the project is for new construction or remodeling, the technology can be employed at the stud stage or with cabinets in place. Measurements are gathered by either a laser or electronic arm at the job site and data is transmitted electronically to the countertop fabricating facility, speeding up the process and reducing the possibility of human error. Both of these processes can save days or weeks over other traditional methods.

To see how Merillat and DeNova's integration process came together for the Kuppersmith project, visit Merillat.com.

Smart Switch™ is a Smart Choice for Kuppersmith

When shopping for home standby power, don't think that backing up every circuit in your house will require a large, expensive generator. Chances are yours is a typical American home that can get full circuit coverage from a smaller generator—by using a smarter transfer switch, like Generac's Nexus Smart Switch™.

Unlike many transfer switches—even those that proclaim to be "smart"—the Nexus Smart Switch contains load management technology built right in. No additional components are needed. Once it transfers power from utility service to the generator, the Nexus Smart Switch continuously monitors generator output. If it determines that the generator cannot accommodate demand, it will shut off the highest demand loads—typically the central air conditioners. When power becomes available later, the Nexus Smart Switch will turn the air conditioners back on.

When coupled with a Generac 20kW Guardian® Series home standby generator, for example—as on the Kuppersmith home—the Nexus Smart Switch let's you back up every circuit in your house without spending a fortune. Even better, the Guardian Series can be installed a mere 18 inches from your home's exterior wall—not five feet away like many other home standby generators. That means more installation flexibility and easier incorporation of the generator into your landscaping.

To learn more, visit www.generac.com/residential.

Take Control of Your Home Today

Schlage is proud to be a sponsor of The Kuppersmith Project and to provide its products to ensure this home is built with security at the forefront. Though the home is 84 years old, the security technologies it employs should be the latest and greatest.

As with any home, having complete control is something homeowners treasure. So imagine living in one city, and having the ability to control your temperature or unlock your door from another. With Schlage LiNK™, you can remotely control and monitor access to your home 24/7 from any internet-enabled computer and most web-enabled cell phones. Remote home management lets you check the status of your locks, temperature, lights and security camera so that you can be connected to your home – even when you're not there.

The Schlage LiNK™ Starter Kit is available online at leading retailers, and includes everything you need to create your own remote access solution. You can control your Z-Wave® enabled locks and lights with this simple setup that's easy to install. And Schlage LiNK™ supports the three largest smart phone platforms – iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, along with many others.

Take control of your home today with Schlage LiNK™. Find out more at link.schlage.com

Outdoor Living with Phantom Screens®

With warmer weather right around the corner, homeowners across the country will be heading outside to enjoy the outdoor living areas around their homes. Oftentimes, it is the start of the spring season that prompts people to consider improvements to their patios, porches, or lanais.

One dramatic improvement, which is featured on The Kuppersmith Project and in an increasing number of homes, is Phantom retractable screens. Phantom's screens are a beautiful and effective solution for the common drawbacks of outdoor living such as insects, solar heat gain, and lack of privacy. These screens are only in place when needed, retracting fully out of sight when not in use. Additionally, several of Phantom's solar meshes can significantly reduce solar heat gain while providing natural ventilation, helping homeowners keep their air-conditioners in the "off" position more often.

As North America's leading provider of retractable screens for doors, windows and large openings, Phantom Screens offers a wide variety of retractable screens from luxurious professionally installed motorized screens to DIY door screens. One can choose among a wide variety of color and mesh options depending on location and screening needs.

Go to www.phantomscreens.com or call 1-888-PHANTOM to learn more about these retractable screen solutions!

Vintage Light Fixtures Revitalized with Rust-Oleum

It's not uncommon to find vintage light fixtures in historic homes. They add a charm and elegance that can't be replicated with new fixtures. Yet, all too often, antique fixtures are discarded simply because their finish is worn. But not at the Kuppersmith Project.

Rust-Oleum spray paint is being used to upcycle the light fixtures at Kuppersmith, transforming them from old and worn to better than new. The Lipford team selected Rust-Oleum Universal spray paint in Hammered Black to complement the home's traditional décor. But with so many exciting colors and textures from which to choose, the possibilities to transform light fixtures and more are limited only by your imagination.

Select a spray paint like Rust-Oleum Universal Oil Rubbed Bronze to give a chandelier a warm, elegant look. Its any-angle spray makes it easy to paint hard-to-reach places. Or, choose a spray paint from the Stops Rust family of finishes. They're great for both indoor and outdoor projects and are available in a wide selection of on-trend colors and finishes – Multicolor Textured, Textured Metallic, Textured, Metallic, Hammered and Satin. Add an expected splash of color – like Berry Pink, Apple Red, Dark Walnut or Eden – with Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2X. It delivers twice the coverage of other general purpose spray paints, so you can do twice the projects.







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